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  • ebook that explains all the ins and outs of Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing

  • biweekly newsletters that peel the lid back on our real estate deals so you learn the pitfalls to avoid and the paths to succeed

  • first-notice of investment opportunities 

When I got started in real estate investing back in 2010, I had to navigate through a lot of information -- most of it was misleading and confusing.

But I was lucky enough to have some mentors that guided me and helped build more wealth for my family. They never asked for anything in return personally, except they encouraged me to ‘pay it forward’ and pass on the knowledge to future investors.

The free BLDers Ebook and BLDers Digest newsletter do just that, and I think you will get a ton of value from them... and more importantly, save a ton of time.

~ Lennon Lee, founder BLD Capital Group

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